Nulla Poena sine lege

No punishment without a law. This is a famous and fundamental principle of criminal law. It has been established in assorted but growing forms over hundreds of years. You cannot punish somebody under a law which did not exist when the offending act took place, and which he therefore cannot (obviously) have known to exist.… Continue reading Nulla Poena sine lege

Morning Walk

With Matt

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Transcendental Meditation Many years ago, a Saturday morning in early May 1972, I learned Transcendental Meditation (TM), as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It was a house in Leeds. I forget my teachers name (Claire?) I came to it from a bad place. Several months earlier a friend slipped me some LSD in my beans… Continue reading Meditation

Getting Flushed

Today, I am back in hospital for my second ‘flush’ of oxaliplatin by cannula. The infusion lasts two to two and a half. I have a fifteen minute saline drip on either side. I receive this in the MacMillan unit at Calderdale Royal. . . Am now back. it went better than last time (which… Continue reading Getting Flushed

Shaving FQA

We chaps shave. Let’s just stick to facial hair. Like most others I grew up to think that to shave we needed the latest expensive shaving stick, and some sort of foam. I was wrong. There was a politician who had a lot to answer for – Conservative and racist – Enoch Powell – but… Continue reading Shaving FQA

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I am sorry to have to announce this, but I have been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. It is advanced, and the only mitigations offered are chemotherapy and pain control. I have in my favour that I have a loving family around me and have been really quite fit. That is enough for the moment: I… Continue reading Diagnosis

Park Run Return

It will be coming back: Park Run is the best thing anywhere.

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