Maypole – Stock Lane – Mount Tabor – Moor Bottom – Cliff Hill Lane – 5 miles

From the Maypole Inn, Warley,
Just under 5 miles – hills but nothing unnecessary – much unlit – some muddy.
From Maypole Inn, Warley Halifax
(53.719708, -1.913917)

NE Along Stock Lane as far as Newlands Road (53.723477, -1.901190)
Across the road and N up Court Lane
(Now running around West End Golf Club)
Across at junction and along Highroad Well Lane (NNE)
At Ling Bob (53.727769, -1.897263), turn left and up Rye Lane (NW)
Stop at the bus turning circle (53.732663, -1.907794) and
Continue down the path till you come to Broadley Road, where you turn right (NNE)
Left after a short distance NW up Moor End Road
Through Mount Tabor
REGROUP at junction (left) with Stocks Lane (53.743962, -1.922469)

Down the farm road to left and above Stocks Lane.
Follow through the farm yard (Moor Bottom very slight kink to left at 53.739327, -1.925834) till it comes out onto Heath Hill Road (53.733207, -1.920938)
Just after Raw End Road joins from your right, take the junction down and to the right – Workhouse Lane
Continue through the junction onto Warley Town Lane
Next right (53.723089, -1.921947) down Winterburn Lane (shortcut is to left continuing along Warley Town Lane to the Maypole)
Keep going down until the junction (second) with Cliff Hill Lane (53.717944, -1.916085). Turn left up steeper hill back into Warley and home.

Hills – Trooper Lane, Halifax

Hill last night was Trooper Lane.

From Heath Rugby Club, Elland, along Stainland Road (N), up onto Huddersfield Road to foot of Jubilee Lane, then Up Jubilee Lane (regroup (1 mile and a bit)

Bear left down (at first) Backhold Lane, and along and up Oxford Lane. Over the top and along Whitegates Road and along and down Siddal New Road. At the bottom, and the entrance to the park/cemetery to your right, turn right up at first Swan Bank Lane, taking the first right which is the notorious Trooper Lane.
Climb to the junction with High Grove Lane.
Take a breath.
Above you, a steeper part of Trooper Lane climbs ever on.
[Run up until the first street lamp after you get onto the cobbles (about 200m), and gently back down to The junction at High Grove Lane. Repeat 4, 5 or 6 times according to taste and capacity. Take a full 2 minute break.] – Do this three times.
Return via the same route to Heath.
The return trip to the start of the climb is just under five miles. Each climb and descent is about 400m
The route on mapometer see here