Race to London

There is a group of us who swim at Brighouse. I am, by a long way the oldest and slowest, but I share the discomfort of the others in not being able to swim. Swi=mming is like having your body ironed. You come out and all the kinks have been stretched and smoothed away (almost).
Anyway, short of being able to swim, we are left running. So a race to London (200 miles) was begun.
I am half of Team Bus Pass. My associate also may hold such a pass, and walks 3-4 miles most days.
We then have team Goldilocks. Two ladies, two good friends – very competitive, and the other very determined.
Last is Team Longshanks. Both 6ft or more, younger and athletic, but with other duties which are limiting their ability to compete (thank goodness). One is a proper runner, and the other can be if and when she tries.
I am resigned to losing this, but hopefully not by too much, and that Team Bus Pass can get back more easily on the Express Bus from London.