Paths/trails around Brighouse

This is a list of eminently runnable off tarmac bits of running. The idea is that these can be put together in different ways with runs between to make good runs.

  • Foot of Clifton Common (53.702309, -1.772030
    – North to Old Wyke Lane (

    53.726024, -1.773814) 1.66m as crow flies.
  • Spout House Lane to Lower Finkil Street – 53.719164, -1.802157 to 53.716676, -1.796921 – A good shortish straight path – houses on one side and fields on the other. Nearly tarmac.
    Closed Paths:

  • Halifax Old Road North to Halifax Road – 53.726296, -1.825460 to 53.727210, -1.825503 North over the railway line. The old pedestrian crossing of the railway is stopped up legally and physically.

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