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I do seem to become involved regularly in the planning of running routes. I find that I have the time, enjoy maps, and it is fun, for me, at least.
I do not usually involve myself in social networks, but Strava does appear to work. They have now added a splendid resource, the heatmap,. And the heat map is a an online map which shows the Paths and trails taken bye local athletes. It is just nice.

What it does is 2 you confidence that a path you might wish to take is in fact open. There are many paths were you really do wonder whether the landowner has blocked the path off, or that it has become so overgrown has to be impossible. Who within 5 minutes, looking at the map, I was able to identify several routes which I had considered taking. Which I reckoned might not actually work resulting comma as usual, in an additional 10 minute round trip to find another way through. Within that short period of time I had identified several new ways of constructing local roots and will happily make use of it full stop for anybody undertaking a similar exercise, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The map is a heat map. It shows where Athletic activity is at its most intense. Unsurprisingly, but convincingly comma a quick check shows that the local park run routes, in Huddersfield Halifax and Brighouse all show the clear path of the root full stop the Huddersfield parkrun,Buy a long way the most popular, is sufficiently popular to have acquired a different colour on the heat map.
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