Maypole – Stock Lane – Mount Tabor – Moor Bottom – Cliff Hill Lane – 5 miles

From the Maypole Inn, Warley,
Just under 5 miles – hills but nothing unnecessary – much unlit – some muddy.
From Maypole Inn, Warley Halifax
(53.719708, -1.913917)

NE Along Stock Lane as far as Newlands Road (53.723477, -1.901190)
Across the road and N up Court Lane
(Now running around West End Golf Club)
Across at junction and along Highroad Well Lane (NNE)
At Ling Bob (53.727769, -1.897263), turn left and up Rye Lane (NW)
Stop at the bus turning circle (53.732663, -1.907794) and
Continue down the path till you come to Broadley Road, where you turn right (NNE)
Left after a short distance NW up Moor End Road
Through Mount Tabor
REGROUP at junction (left) with Stocks Lane (53.743962, -1.922469)

Down the farm road to left and above Stocks Lane.
Follow through the farm yard (Moor Bottom very slight kink to left at 53.739327, -1.925834) till it comes out onto Heath Hill Road (53.733207, -1.920938)
Just after Raw End Road joins from your right, take the junction down and to the right – Workhouse Lane
Continue through the junction onto Warley Town Lane
Next right (53.723089, -1.921947) down Winterburn Lane (shortcut is to left continuing along Warley Town Lane to the Maypole)
Keep going down until the junction (second) with Cliff Hill Lane (53.717944, -1.916085). Turn left up steeper hill back into Warley and home.

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