Changing it Up

Usually in this area, we run up hill, and down dale – it is bumpy. We do however have canal, and just every now and then it makes sense to use it.
There were to of us this morning and we used the canal to remind ourselves of what it feels like to sprint. It became a challenging work out.
Find a pace which is amiable as a recovery pace. One (A) sprints ahead at top speed for as far as they can, until they feel the pace having to drop. They (A) then drop to a walk. The other, easy runner (B), catches up and as B passes A who is still walking, it is B’s turn to sprint. As B goes off on his sprint, A moves to the easy running pace.
Rinse, as they say, and repeat.

After say three sprints, both continue together at the easy pace until A is ready to go off again.
I was surprised how well this worked. It can work with runners of different paces but it depends upon the runners recognising that sprint means sprint, walk means walk, and easy easy. In particular, the walk can be very gentle.