Krajisnik v United Kingdom: ECHR 2012

The court considered the status of the claimant as a prisoner convicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia

(2012) 56 EHRR SE7
Human Rights
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CitedStott, Regina (on The Application of) v Secretary of State for Justice SC 28-Nov-2018
Extended Determinate Sentence created Other Status
The prisoner was subject to an extended determinate sentence (21 years plus 4) for 10 offences of rape. He complained that as such he would only be eligible for parole after serving two thirds of his sentence rather than one third, and said that . .

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Human Rights

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Ataman v Turkey: ECHR 27 Apr 2006

The Court set out the need to supervise soldiers to whom weapons were entrusted and to prevent suicides. Since the carrying of weapons was involved, the authorities could be expected to show particular diligence and adopt a suitable system for dealing with the matter in the case of soldiers with psychological problems.
References: 46252/99, [2006] ECHR 481
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Statutes: European Convention on Human Rights 2
Jurisdiction: Human Rights
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  • Cited – Savage v South Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (MIND intervening) HL 10-Dec-2008 (, [2008] UKHL 74, , , [2009] HRLR 12, [2009] 1 All ER 1053, [2009] PTSR 469, [2009] UKHRR 480, [2009] 2 WLR 115, (2009) 12 CCL Rep 125, [2009] 1 AC 681, (2009) 105 BMLR 180, [2009] LS Law Medical 40)
    The deceased had committed suicide on escaping from a mental hospital. The Trust appealed against a refusal to strike out the claim that that they had been negligent in having inadequate security.
    Held: The Trust’s appeal failed. The fact that . .
  • Cited – Rabone and Another v Pennine Care NHS Trust CA 21-Jun-2010 (, [2010] EWCA Civ 698, [2010] WLR (D) 152, , [2011] 3 WLR 603, [2011] QB 1019, (2010) 115 BMLR 191, [2010] Inquest LR 105, [2011] PTSR 1028, [2010] Med LR 376, [2010] MHLR 413, [2010] PIQR Q4)
    The claimant’s daughter had committed suicide after being given home leave on a secure ward by the respondent mental hospital. A claim in negligence had been settled, but the parents now appealed refusal of their claim that the hospital had failed . .

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MR v Austria: ECHR 18 Jul 1968

References: [1968] ECHR 7
Links: Bailii
Statutes: European Convention on Human Rights 6
Jurisdiction: Human Rights
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  • See Also – Ringeisen v Austria ECHR (2614/65, Worldlii, [1971] ECHR 2, Bailii, (1971) 1 EHRR 455)
    The Austrian District and Regional Real Property Transactions Commission refused to approve the sale of a number of plots of land. The applicant challenged the refusal alleging bias and contending that his article 6 rights were violated for that . .

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