Shaving FQA

We chaps shave. Let’s just stick to facial hair. Like most others I grew up to think that to shave we needed the latest expensive shaving stick, and some sort of foam. I was wrong. There was a politician who had a lot to answer for – Conservative and racist – Enoch Powell – but I heard him once say that when a prisoner of war all they had to shave with were a sharp blade and water. He preferred hot water.
I tried it it worked. All you need to shave are a facecloth dipped in hot water and a sharp and very very cheap two blade razor from Tesco or Lidl or similar. 80p for 10 or similar. Apply the hot towel to the face for several seconds, and use the razor. It just works. No soap or foam or expensive razor. Yes, such a razor will last no more than a week, but you will never miss the foam, and you can use a dozen of such blades for any one expensive blade and still be well ahead.
No mess, no fuss, it just works.

FQA – Frequently Questioned Answers

With the Internet were born FAQs – Frequentky Asked Questions – and documents suggesting answers. Where would we be without them.
They are however only a perfect part of an imperfect world. The nme does not say it, but the implication is that there are indeed answers.
I am happy to provide my FQAs – ‘Frequently Questioned Answers’.
A definition? I hardly dare suggest. Typically they have been my slightly less than persuasive thoughts in answer to some often unasked questions.