Back in Groups

It is the first club run tonight for Stainland Lions, and I am volunteered to take out a group of up to six. Coronavirus, at least in this area is less overwhelming, and we all need to get back to doing what we do.
I admit to some tribulation. First of all, nobody has any real idea who will turn up. There might be six or sixty runners. Nobody knows how fit they will be. Some will have not run at all and some will have taken every (increased) opportunity to run more and be faster.
Nobody quite knows how to keep social distancing running in groups of six. Do we run in a line? Three rows, two abreast trying to maintain the distance?
I at least have found the lockdown not at all easy. I am very sure that we have it much better than most, and by a long way but that is how I feel. I can only express my sympathy for what others have had to go through in their many different ways.
We have learned to be distrustful of each other. That is something which will need repair. It will need time.
Having suggested the need to do exactly what we are doing, I cannot really avoid it. I have been running quite a bit, but am getting to an age when practice does not quite make it.
We shall see.